The future generation of interior doors is already at the door

You are invited to enter the world of Tubol doors, interior doors designed and manufactured in the world's most advanced technologies, with a wide variety of models, colors, styles and customer choices.

Technological power, design quality and environmental responsibility

All Tubol interior doors are made of high quality polymer (WPC), a synthetic material created in the environmentally friendly process, without the use of wood or toxins. The polymer doors, which replace the old-fashioned wooden doors, are undoubtedly the next generation of interior doors in the entire world. The polymer material, in addition to being extremely strong and durable, gives the door full water resistance. The company believes in setting uncompromising standards and therefore our interior doors are a standard of quality.

Tubol Doors come in three unique series: Basic, Elegant and Premium Each series features a wide variety of designs, textures, colors and sizes, perfect for any home, taste or budget.

Our story

We wanted to produce the best interior doors, such as those based on advanced technology, environmental responsibility and a design dream. To that end, we have mobilized the best minds and resources needed to fulfill the dream. We had a vision, we wanted a door that would be strong and durable but still maintain a high level of design while being important to the environment. The challenge was big, but we didn't give up. We researched all over the world about the possible door manufacturing materials that would meet all the criteria we set. We did many experiments until we reached the finished product. A strong polymer door, preserving the environment and looking like a design dream come true.

We invite you to dive into our experience and move forward with the next thing - Tubol doors, one door in front of everyone.

Tobol Group

The Tobol Group has been active for over 30 years, and is one of the leading companies in Israel in the fields of importing, marketing and distributing building materials and ceramics, and entrepreneurship in the construction industry. The group provides a solution and solution in the construction industry from the initial construction stages to the interior and finishing stages, for the variety of customers in wholesale and retail, nationwide. The Tobol Group has a basket of products of about sixty thousand items, and it serves as the representative of the leading factories in the construction industry. The Tobol Group has many advantages that enable the provision of fast and efficient professional service to its customers, from a computerized and advanced logistics center, a diverse product basket that meets all industry needs, a large fleet of vehicles that meets every transportation requirement, professional and reliable staff, strong purchasing power, technical center and advanced computer system. most. The Tobol Group was established in 1984, and is privately owned by the brothers Simo, Boaz and Oren Tobol, who live in Jerusalem and are active in the company. The Tobol Group employs about 250 people. The group has a fleet of about 30 trucks, which are in charge of the national distribution system. This fleet provides solutions for all types of transportation.